Appointed by our Board of Trustees, Norse Home’s Administrator leads our management team, serving our residents best interests, and reaching milestones in Norse Home’s long-term development.

Front Desk

Front Desk TeamWhether it is your first time at Norse Home or you’ve been with us for years, Front Desk Manager Michael Allen and his staff are here to make you feel welcome. You can reach our friendly staff at the Front Desk at (206)781–7400 or by email to ask questions, resources, schedule an appointment, making reservations, transportation arrangements, and other hospitality services.

Building Services

Building ServicesCyrus Malihi and his crew are always standing by to assist in maintenance issues. The Housekeeping staff also does its best to keep Norse Home spotless and tend to residents’ accommodations. Contact building services at (206) 781–7423 and

Resident Services and Public Relations

Public Relations TeamKathy Rost-Schmidt, serves as our social worker at Norse Home and also introduces potential residents to Norse Home’s community. For social services information, consultations and tours. She also operates our communications department, manages promotional opportunities, and represents Norse Home’s fund-raising networking. Contact Kathy at 206-781-7422 or

Assisted Living

Assisted Living TeamOur Assisted Living Staff offers around-the-clock care and support. Assisted Living Director, Fidel Pérez RN, oversees all Assisted Living operations, staff, and care-plan management. He can be reached at (206) 781–7430 or


FinanceMike Martin, Norse Home’s Fiscal Manager, is the money man, handling all financial matters. He’s also able to provide insight to accommodation financial plans and opens up his office for banking services to residents twice a week. Mike can be reached at (206) 781–7417 or

Dining Services

Dining ServicesUnder the guidance of Mestaneh Shankar, our Dining Services staff prepares nutritious and satisfying meals for our residents and their guests three times a day. You can reach Mestaneh at (206) 781–7428 or

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness TeamNorse Home’s Wellness Center Nurse Ann Eickhoff RN coordinates all in-house treatments and offers overall support of IL residents’ health. Fitness Aides Martha Michels and Linda Wilson engage fitness and restorative aid routines, which include developing treatment plans, mobility improvement training, and even aiding with surgery recovery. They can be reach at (206) 781–7444 or by email,


Activities TeamActivities Director Jo Pirone, Activities Coordinator Molly Holscher, and Kara Elliott provide the fun and learning experiences at Norse Home. All our residents’ activities are planned through social interaction, physical exercise, mental stimulation, creative pursuits and the occasional field trip. Contact the Activities department for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities at (206) 781–7592 and